How To Fix WordPress SEO Yoast Duplicate Site Titles

December 30, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ SEO,Website Designing,WordPress

There are two parts to this fix. The first part is simple: log into WordPress and go to the Yoast plugin options. It should be labeled ‘SEO’ on the menu bar. Go to ‘Titles & Metas’ and under the ‘General’ tab you should see an options for ‘Enable force rewrite titles.’ Make sure this is unchecked.

The second part requires you to have access to edit the header.php file, either in the WordPress editor or any other file editor you have access to. You will need to replace the contents of the <title> tag. The default code in this section will look different from one theme to the next, but the fix is the same no matter what.

**If you’re not comfortable editing code, be sure to consult your webmaster!

Replace everything in between the <title>…</title> with this snippet of code.

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

This should fix the duplicate site title issue. You will have to go to each page and use the Yoast plugin to make sure your page titles are exactly how you want them to look.


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