[Latest As of April 6, 2017] Youtube Ads are Not Showing on Monetized Videos fewer than 10,000 views

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Youtube Latest Updates As of April 6, 2017, Youtube channels that have fewer than 10,000 views cannot run ads on their videos. Learn more about recent changes to the YouTube Partner Program on the YouTube Creator Blog.

If you’ve submitted a video for monetization and also you’ve more than 10,000 views but don’t see ads on your youtube vides, use the below youtube information to see what the issue may be.

Content you can’t show ads on

Before you try any troubleshooting steps, make sure that your video is eligible for ads. If your video contains any of the following types of content, you can’t show ads on it:

Make sure the video meets youtube guidelines

If you’re not seeing ads on your video or monetization isn’t available, make sure the video has the right settings and meets the guidelines:

  1. Make sure your video has the right settings:
  2. Make sure your video meets the guidelines:

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