How To Get Localized Google Search Results

Way To Get Localize Google Search Results:

Use the “Near” Parameter in Your URL:

near-parameter for google local result search

After you’ve typed a query into Google, simply add “&near=cityname” to the query string. So, if you wanted to see how your local hotel rank, you search:

Now, modify the URL to see how they rank abroad. For example, to check rankings in New York, you would modify the URL to read:

Google AdPreview:

Google AdPreview

Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool still works, as you might expect after the search filter’s removal. Use this tool to check the status of ads and keywords, and simulate the results across different platforms, so you know that local search results stay consistent across multiple devices.

“I Search From” Google Search from a different location & device. With I Search From you can simulate using Google Search from a different location or device, or perform a search with custom search settings. It’s useful for searching Google as if you were somewhere else, as well as for SEO & SEA testing.

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